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FOR PARENTS - This section is for Parent Specific FAQs

On this page is a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding this website. Scroll through the page or click on the link in the question to be brought to the answer. Please check here first. If this section does not answer your question, send an email to

ANSWER: How do I Add a Picture to the Website

Uploading Photo Files (Coaches, Team Moms, Parents):

  • Click on “LOG IN”
  • Put in your name (Two words--You must use your own name)
  • Password for adding pictures is: wiltonlaxpics
  • Follow directions for posting pictures to the Association Page. Guidelines are below.
  • Do not include a player's full name in the photo caption, or post a photo where a nameplate is visible.
  • Use the Browse button to display a file dialog box that you can use to locate your picture file (.JPG files only) on your computer.  Once you locate the file and submit the form, the picture will be uploaded to the web site and added to the list along with your description.  
  • Pictures wider than 580 pixels will be resized to that width.  Pictures taller than 600 pixels will be reduced to that height.  If you can, try to crop out unnecessary parts of the picture.  Also, please use your best judgment when submitting material for display here.  We don't want to have to censor anyone.

Problems?  When first going to the Picture page, you might be prompted to install an Active X file. You’ll need to do this in order to upload pictures.

COPPA Compliance:

The Federal Trade Commission has implemented the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA). The main goal of the COPPA and the rule is to protect the privacy of children using the Internet. Publication of the rule means that, as of April 21, 2000, certain commercial Web sites must obtain parental consent before collecting, using, or disclosing personal information from children under 13.

We recommend not posting identifiable photos of children on the web site, unless you have permission from the parent.  Do not include a player's full name in the photo caption or post a photo where a nameplate is visible.

For Complete Information:

ANSWER: How do I Update My Profile Info

Changes to your information you may want to make:
  • adding a parent or guardian to a player's account
  • change of address
  • adding or changing email addresses
  • phone number changes or additions
  • turn on or off the automatic notification feature for game reminders
  • make your phone number public, private, or just on the rosters (our rosters do NOT have contact information available for the general public. This info is available via password to coaches and team mates only so there is no need to set to private. Set it to Roster so that coaches can see it).
All these edits are best done by the member--YOU. The instructions are simple:

From the Home Page, click on Edit My Account at the bottom of the left hand menu. Follow the instructions on the next page to log into your account and then click on your name to edit your information. Make sure the check box "no emails" is NOT checked and make sure all the email addresses you want to receive notices in are there. Put a semicolon and space between email addresses. Be sure to click on the Submit button when you are done.

BUT I'M NOT GETTING THE EMAILS being sent by the system and my email address is correctly in the system. What do I do now??:

If your email address is correct on your profile and the player is registered and placed on a team (check the team roster to make sure of this),  the emails ARE going out to you, Our suggestion is to:
    1- look in your spam folder
    2- add to your email address book
    3-Log into the "Edit My Account" area of the website (left menu on home page) and click on the "CLICK HERE to add us as a "Safe Sender"" next to your email for instructions on how to receive emails that are being sent to you. (To see that page now, just click on the link above)


ANSWER: How do I Add Text Messaging for time sensitive messages

Do you want to add TEXT MESSAGING to your alerts?
Once in a while, a field is closed due to lightning or a change in location or time occurs. Your coach wants to be able to notify you in the quickest, easiest way possible. To do this, we could send a TEXT MESSAGE to your cell phone along with the regular method of emailing and putting up a broadcast message on the team page of the website. In order to do this we need your cell phone listed on your profile and your carrier selected from the drop down box. To add this feature, follow the instructions above for editing your profile and select text messaging with your carrier listed. Responsible coaches will only use this feature when the information is time sensitive and critical.

ANSWER: How do I Check to See if I have already registered

ANSWER: How do I Check to make sure I am paid in full


To check your program registrations and payments for your entire family, follow these directions:
  • Visit the website at: (you are already on this site)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on the left hand menu item: "Edit My Account". You will be asked to log in using your name and user id. Follow the prompts if you have forgotten your password.
  • When you log in, your profile will appear and you will be prompted to make payment if there is a payment due.
This is a great way to double check to make sure your account is paid in full and your players are all registered.

PLEASE do no create a new profile by re-entering your information. Once you are in the system, duplicating your profile causes confusion for you when registering and for coaches when assigning teams. If you are tempted to start over and create new profiles, instead, send an email to and explain the problem. State player name and grade in your email.


ANSWER: How do I View a Team Roster:
Access to rosters is restricted to protect the privacy of the association's members. Members of teams will still be able to access their rosters using their email address and personal password on their account. Navigate to your team under the TEAMS tab at the top of the website. Choose "Roster" from the left menu of your team page. Log in using your email address and personal password.


Login/Team Selection Problems

Occasionally, users have trouble using our login screens or are unable to switch teams using the drop downs in the Teams area of the site.  These problems can be caused by any one of the following issues.  Team selection problems are usually caused by #1 or #5 below:

  1. Your browser is setup not to accept cookies.  Most browsers let you enable the two Cookie types [session/one-time Cookies and persistent/stored Cookies] separately: You'll need to set your browser to allow at least temporary, per-session Cookies in order to use this site at all. If you also want this site to save your preferences like the last league/team you selected, you'll also need to enable the "persistent" cookie type that's stored on your hard drive. Please consult your browser's help file for specific information on how to do this.

    If you're using Internet Explorer version 6 or above, do the following:
    1. Click Tools/Internet Options
    2. On the resulting dialog box click the Privacy tab at the top
    3. Click the Advanced button
    4. We highly recommend the following settings for most users:
      • Check the Override box
      • Accept - First-party Cookies
      • Block - Third-party Cookies
      • Allow Session Cookies.
  2. You use a Cookie-defeating tool (AdSubtract, CookieCrusher, some firewalls, etc.), please disable it while you access this site
  3. Your browser is set to block JavaScripting.  This site uses tiny, safe Javascripts and VBscripts to gather your login name and password. If you've turned off, blocked, or otherwise interfered with your browser's scripting via a browser setting or third-party script-blocking tool (e.g. AdSubtract, CookieCrusher, some firewalls, etc.)--- or if something's broken in your scripting system--- the login system won't work.
  4. Has your team's season expired?  After a team's season is over, team managers can no longer log in using a team manager password.  This doesn't however apply to problems selecting teams.  You can select and view any team from any season using the dropdowns on the team selection bar.
  5. You may have a corrupt or broken cookie. If you're stuck on a particular team or can't change teams or divisions, this may be the problem.  Assuming your browser is set up to accept cookies from this site (see 1.0 above), you can usually fix this by performing the following:
    1. Click here to purge all cookies for this website.  If this doesn't solve the problem right away, come back here and perform the steps below:
    2. Close all browser sessions.
    3. Locate the following folder on your system using Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer. Right click the Start button and select "Explore"):
      If using Windows NT/2000/XP:
           \Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Cookies\.
      All other versions of Windows
    4. Within this folder are many files named using the following form: "Your User ". Locate the file(s) with our website's name after the @ sign and rename them to anything you like.  ie " "
    5. Reboot your computer.
    6. Try logging in or selecting a team again.


Registration Problems/US Lacrosse Issues

Having problems with completing the registration?

All players must also hold a valid US Lacrosse membership in order to register for a Wilton Lacrosse Program. Here are some common issues that you might have during registration:

  1. US Lax page won’t move past the first screen: Before you press the “next” key, you must first press the “confirm” button to confirm that all the player information is correct.
  2. Error message on US Lacrosse site says to call: Please call them to resolve the issue. (410-235-6882). It is likely a mismatch of information between what you have entered on the Wilton Lacrosse site and what you have entered on the US Lax site. The player name, date of birth and zip code MUST match on both sites, or you will have trouble completing the registration.

ANSWER: How do I get my schedule to appear on my smart phone/tablet

You may want to "subscribe" to your team calendar events so that all of the games and practices are imported into your phones.  This can be done by going to your team page and doing the following steps:

-  Click on the button next to "next 10 events" that says full
-  Then select show all events
-  Then select options in upper right hand corner and pick calendar feed.

One note on game times:  they may change based on adjustments that are being made from other towns so please check your calendar frequently for more info.